Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Our services have been designed to assist and support you from the moment you decide to use Key Systems. Our support centres are staffed by highly skilled, multi-lingual and responsive experts who aim to provide swift response and quick resolution to any problem. Within a fast-paced and competitive market, our customers demand expert solutions and support. We take great pride in our Customer Care, and our services offer comprehensive solutions to support your business. Our dedicated account executives and Client Services team are highly skilled individuals and each has a wide understanding of Out-of-Home. All queries are logged via our centre call logging system which tracks call history and status. Account status and activity are available to the client at any time. All of our products have in-built automated email procedures to ensure that we are immediately aware of any issues.

  • Unlimited phone advice, assistance and support
  • Unlimited E Mail support
  • Remote system access and support
  • FTP Support Site for uploading and downloading files
  • Regular hardware maintenance reviews and recommendations
  • On-line demonstrations
  • Discounts on new products or modules
  • Comprehensive How Do I? Database for user reference
  • Client Service specialist monitoring and managing your account

    Key Systems offers mobile device access to its system. Whether you use a tablet or phone, you can access your database to check availability.
    For digital assets, the Key Systems Mobile solutions lets you see what's on the market play list and what's coming next. Using GPS technology you can check the location of any out of home asset, be it digital or traditional. 

    Posting instructions can be sent to mobile devices allowing instant communication.
    Through the mobile access Proof of Posting can be logged and it can include details such as status, issues, late post or non post reasons.
    Images and GPS location can also be recorded.
    You can issue inspection reports and historical inspection reports to the workforce.
    If maintenance is needed the instructions can be sent to the workforce in real time.
    Once the tasks have been completed,l images, comment and GPS positions can be sent back in real-time as Proof of Completion. 

    We all know how important branding is. Key Systems enables you to customise your user interface to suit your needs, including having your web portal branded with your logo and brand colours.
    Real Time access to assets inventory is granted through the web portal for easy trading services 
    Clients can seamlessly embed their information and queries within their in-house applications
    You can rest assured that you will have all the information you need in one place avoiding duplication.